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Our Story - BIRCH Longboards

Birch Boards: Born from Heritage, Crafted for the Surf Spirit

DADV Longboards and Kapu Trucks Jerry Lopez

Our journey traces back to the mid-'90s. It all began with Brad Horn, my father, pioneering longboards under the name D’ADV. At just 14 years old, I was immersed in the excitement of his craft. As his brand gained momentum, the pace outgrew his capacity, leading to a temporary hiatus as he returned to cabinet making. But the allure of board crafting was strong, drawing him back in.

Shaping Skateboards

Shaping Koastal Skateboards

Rather than creating another brand, he honed a niche—creating exotic wood stringer blanks and veneers, mastering the production process to manufacture these distinctive boards at scale. Soon, he found himself supplying some of the industry's biggest brands with his exceptional board styles and designs. 

Revenge Truck Patent
Alongside his board production endeavors, Brad also dedicated time to develop and patent Revenge Trucks. This innovative truck stands out from anything else on the market, offering a transformative experience that turns your longboard skateboard into a surf-like sensation.

Koastal Longboard Skateboards

Following my time in college and the LA film scene as an editor, I found myself returning home, drawn back to the craft. Working alongside my father, the idea for a unique brand emerged. Koastal Skateboards or Koastal Surf to Street was born. For nearly a decade, Koastal thrived, reaching global heights before the decision to sell emerged in 2015.

Derek Horn Shaping Longboard Koastal Skateboard

Brad Horn Koastal Skateboards

During my time at Koastal, another venture was brewing—Lucid Grip. While I won't delve into the details, I retained this venture even after selling Koastal. Alongside Brandon, a former Koastal colleague, we kept Lucid Grip alive as a side project, juggling it with other jobs. Around 2019, a co-worker—an industrial designer—sparked an idea to craft boards under the Lucid name using CNC technology and birch wood. It was a creative exploration, going to art shows and selling our designs until life's demands took precedence, and the venture faded into the background.

Lucid Grip Products Lucid Grip Hamboard Skateboard

Fast forward to 2023, the desire to craft sustainably sourced birch boards reignited. Thus, Birch Boards was born, distinct from Lucid. Birch is more then another brand; it's a testament to our enduring dedication to crafting boards that embody our history, craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment. We invite you to be a part of this journey and discover the heart and soul poured into every Birch board we create.

Birch Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

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